About Us

We are KT Group, A key supplier to many major importers and wholesalers in the US. We’ve produced woven items such as suits, suit separates, shirts as well as knits and active wear for well over two decades. Our mission is to continue supplying to the most respected brands for all genders, all ages, and all occasions.

We pride ourselves on our production quality, our talents in every aspect of our supply chains, our proven and well-known consistency, and our value-added services; all of which have led to our reputation of responsibility and quality

We are a trading company with a longstanding factory relationship in Vietnam and China, maintaining clean, modern factories: compliant in everything from responsible recruiting to complying with social and legal requirements all throughout the year.

All of our factories are certified by reputable 3rd party auditors such as WRAP, Better Works, PVH/SLCP and SMETA, and also have certifications for various retail stores and licensed brands.

What   We   Do